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Admin Complaint Format Empty Admin Complaint Format

Post by The Soul Blades (TSB) on Sat Dec 01, 2012 5:39 pm

Follow the format below to the best of your ability, otherwise you will be ignored. ignored.

[b]Your Steam name:[/b]
[b]Your Steam ID:[/b]
[b]Admin's Steam name:[/b]
[b]Admin's Steam ID, if known:[/b]
[b]Admin's Forum name, if different from Steam:[/b]
[b]Why you want him removed from admin:[/b]
[b]Any evidence you have, pictures, videos, etc. (Logs, unless screenshots, will be taken with a grain of salt):[/b]

I take complaints about the staff very seriously, and as such I will likely take my time in forming any decisions on what to do. The only exception to this is if the issue is obvious and evidence irrefutable.
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