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FULL NAME: Gwendolyn F. Grunewald
GENDER: Female.
AGE: 22 Y.O.
DATE OF BIRTH (DoB): October 8th, 2255
RESIDENCE: Delta Company FoB, Black Mountain area.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Shady Sands.
RELIGIOUS BELIEF: Christian (outwardly, if only for the benefits in morale), Atheist (inwardly, who in their right mind believe in a higher being?)
EMPLOYMENT: Head of Delta Company Command, Major.

Brotherhood of Steel - The Brotherhood of Tin, as I’ve come to remark them, are a remarkably effective fighting force - propped up by technology. If one could find a way to counter their technological advantage with numbers or a sheer tactical advantage, such as an ambush, their advantage decreases significantly. Suggested course of action: Avoid conflict unless absolutely necessary; brutal, efficient, ruthless combat if engaged. Scorched Earth.

Caesar's Legion - An incredibly efficient system, from what I’ve heard. Strong, but held up by a singular man. While the Legion is a significant threat to the Republic, I imagine they’d respect a commander who serves with the same efficiency as them. Suggested course of action: Order’s are to avoid engaging local populaces, and command doesn’t even care about them. Avoid combat at all costs, though when engaged, wipe out any and all opposition.

Crimson Caravan - Believe it or not, I don’t care for traders of any kind. A necessary societal role filled in. My role is a soldier, their role is to sell comforts. No need to deal with them.

Desert Rangers - A surprisingly effective local militia, which earns my respect as a soldier first and foremost. Reports suggest that they may be friendly or willing to talk with the New California Republic. Avoid combat at all costs, if engaged, show mercy.

Followers of the Apocalypse - While I must thank the Followers for my formal education, I also cannot ‘like’ them for being pacifists. Respect is utmost, however, when dealing with the Followers.

Ghouls - I do not understand nor do I particularly care for these creatures, feral or not. It boggles my mind as to why people see a difference between humans and non-feral ghouls.

Great Khans - Suggested Action: Engage with extreme prejudice, wipe the remainder of the Khan’s off of the face of the Earth. Tandi would be pleased with that.

Gun Runners - The same as with the Crimson Caravan.

New California Republic - The New California Republic. As a soldier, I both respect (visibly) and abhore (internally) the Brass that sits above me. As a citizen, I thank them for their creature comforts, but above that, I care very little for the country itself. I follow orders and get the job done within the rules of the Brass; that is my role.

Raiders - Suggested Action: Engage with extreme prejudice, remove them from the gene-pool. We might be able to fix it, after all these years.

Chinese - Need this even be brought up?

Super Mutants (First Generation) - Strong, smart. If any of the first generation got together and led the Second Generation, we would have a problem on our hands. However, the NCR has kept the remnants of the Master’s Army at bay. I imagine even Delta Company would have a problem handling a large gathering of either second or first generation Super Mutants.

Super Mutants (Second Generation) - Perhaps, on some level, these creatures have retained what makes them inherently human. Their stupidity. If engaged, eliminate these… creatures with extreme prejudice. If not, leave them to their devices - I’m sure they’ll end up killing themselves off faster than we will.

Tribals - Tribals.. Tribals.. Tribals.. Bullhead City remnants be damned, we’re going to handle the problem of these idiots with even harder of a fist than Kimball hoped to. I don’t intend to let them escape.

Wastelander - Survival is such an inherent part of the human psyche that I expect no one would be able to avoid it - not even myself. However, it’s a powerful statement to believe that these very beings helped create the very nation I serve willfully and respectfully. Suggested Action: Not to be trusted unless members of the NCR. Treat them respectfully and do not tarnish the name of the Republic. If they make to harm the NCR, handle them the same you would any other rabid animal.
* = Individual Terminated/Missing In Action


Terminating Connection

((This information is not publicly available.  It reflects Seth’s personal feelings, and may not be obvious by his actions in-game.  That is to say, he might not like you but act like he does.  Ask before trying to use any of this information in-character!))
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