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New California Republic Citizenship Empty New California Republic Citizenship

Post by Lone Wolf on Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:23 am

The New California Republic offers perks for citizenship on the frontier, including:

    [- NCR citizens gain free housing on the frontier.]

    [- NCR citizens may legally own any firearm within civilized areas, unlike non-citizens, who may be met with fines or fee's based off of their weapon.]

    [- NCR citizens are urged to give housing and residence to Troopers and Ranger's. However, this is not necessary, and does not incur any benefits unless protecting soldiers/Ranger's from capture.]

    [- NCR citizens are given a citizens ID, allowing Trooper's and Ranger's to quickly identify citizens of the Republic and to avoid civilian casualties or to inform your family of your untimely demise.]

    [- NCR citizens may be privy to special housing and/or employment opportunities, depending on the area of the frontier you're in.]

    [- NCR citizens with an education are allowed to enlist in either the NCOSBC (Non-Commissioned Officer Special Boot Camp) or SSCOE (Shady Sands Commissioned Officer Education), whereas non-citizens may only enlist in the army after completing local boot camp and being registered as a non-citizen combatant.]

    [- NCR citizens may buy from NCR quarter-masters or NCR merchants, after showing their ID.]

In order to become a citizen, you must fill out a form and take a standardized citizenship test (SCTNC); this citizenship test tests your knowledge of the New California Republic and your ability to become a naturalized citizen. You will automatically become a citizen of the New California Republic if you have lived in the NCR for 2 FULL years or have enlisted in Ranger training.
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