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Full Name: Franklin Richard Lancaster.
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Unit Digits: 736.
Known Alias(s): Daniel ‘Devil’ Anvil (Used as an alias in C24 during a sting operation), Frank, Tex, Texas.
Date of Birth: Oct 18th, 1959.
Age: 56 years old.
Location of Birth: Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, TX.
Sex: Male.
Accent: Broken Texan/Midwestern American.
Unit Rank: AdJ (Adjutant)
City Relocations: City 45, City 24, City 17 Proper, City 17 Industrial.
Temperament: World-weary cynicism.
Attitude: Dependent upon situation, varying from laid back and sarcastic to serious and cynical.
Character & Actions: Justified Evil/Lawful Neutral. (Depends upon the situation.)
Mental State: Average/good. He's able to push down most of his 'bad' acts by justifying them as for a good cause, but he still thinks about the things he's done. After all, he's still human, isn't he...?
Physical Condition: Very high/peak. He’s managed to stay in shape through a combination of rigorous exercise routines and diet.
Short History: Born in Texas, Frank was raised around firearms from the time he was a young boy, and this passion drove him into adulthood, when he opened his own gunshop in Dallas and helped pioneer for gun-rights in the US and other countries. As a man, Frank was commendable, if a bit cynical – he distrusted higher government and corporations, seeing them as merely driven by greed and personal interest. During the first hour of the Seven Hour War, Frank’s gunshop was hit by a Strider’s beam as he was running to his car, a piece of hot glass giving him the telltale scar along his forehead/temple. After those fateful seven hours finished, he was forced to give up his firearm to the Union, at around the age of 47 at this point in time. Frank joined the Combine Civil Authority in City 45 at the age of 52, where he began his service, feeling that the Union was something more than just a government, a higher cause. He was transferred to City 24 after his conduct was called into question after an already complicated situation blew up in his face. City 24 was magnificent - all of the citizens were complacent, and the resistance never cropped up due to the brutal tactics the Union applied – here, Frank received training under some of the foremost Union experts in many fields, including firearms and hand-to-hand/bladed combat, alongside watching (and performing) interrogations himself. Still, with a few bumps on the road, some major and some minor, he managed to earn the distinguished service ribbon and a transfer out of C24, to C17. Here, he rose to the call of Divisional Training Officer of UNION after seeing the deplorable state of Unit training, and after he felt he had sufficiently dealt with the main district, he transferred to Industrial. Here, he was given a chance to go out to the Outlands. Having been raised outdoors, not necessarily in the forest, he quite gladly took the chance. Only to learn he got stuck with his old British friend, 099, and... well, and an Irish smartass. Time to get to work again...
Equipment: Standard AdJ Equipment.
Notable accomplishments: Veteran Unit, repeatedly turned down promotions to command, served in 3 cities and 4 districts, including the infamous City 24. Accomplished marksman with pistols and carbines. Firearms, hand-to-hand combat and basic training instructor in two districts. Oldest non-augmented Unit still in service in City 17.
Notable medals/ribbons: Distinguished service, pistol sharpshooter, rifle marksman, training instructor, longevity service and distinguished interrogator.
Notable Certification(s): Elite training certification.

UPDATED BY [REDACTED]: Has a collection of old music, likes to play it. Possible relationship of some form (?) between himself and Squad Leader 099. I do not believe it is romantic, merely respectful or platonic, perhaps even playful in it's nature. Will continue to observe.

UPDATED BY [REDACTED]: "Of course we have a relationship. We've been working together for over two years now, I think we're well past that point. If I could roll my eyes through text, I would. Oh, wait, I can.  Rolling Eyes" ...Well, this is par for the course. Thank you for that tidbit, 099.

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