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Post by Kevin on Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:35 pm

George Sherman Eastwood1
Sherman as an intelligence officer in Shady Sands, California. Dated July 4th, 2260.

George Sherman UOg74GX
George Sherman is a masculine built male frequently seen in his Advanced Power Armor, though, he wears a green United States Army jumpsuit underneath. Sherman stands proudly at six feet two inches and speaks with a Western accent. He is a tan skinned man who appears to be in his mid forties. They have a head of swept back long brown hair, streaked with a few grey hairs, and a pair of ocean blue eyes. While his well-kept beard covers most of his face, some wrinkles can be seen developing on his forehead and under his eyes. However, most individuals are distracted by his youthful eyes and warm smile.

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