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Post by Lone Wolf on Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:16 am

2142 - Shady Sands is made, providing the basis for the New California Republic.

2155 - The Gun Runners are formed and begin slinging their weapons across the Wasteland. John Maxson is killed in combat with the Viper's. Brotherhood - Viper war begins; this war ends summarily with a Brotherhood victory (in a month, might I add), while the Viper's retreat to the North and East. The Master begins forming his cult and uses Boneyard Vault, future site of the Cathedral.

2156 - The Master turns his cultists into a benevolent religion. Missionaries spread throughout the Wasteland, becoming The Master's eyes and ears.

2157 - The Master learns the location of the Bakersfield Vault, Vault 12, and sends a detachment of super mutants there to seize the vault. Many ghouls are snapped like twigs in the attack, and Set finally parleys with the super mutants, telling them that the ghouls are the vault survivors the super mutants are looking for.

2161 - Harold appears in the Hub's Old Town. Brotherhood discovers a dead super mutant, Head Scribe Vree begins her examination of the corpse after it is brought back. Fallout 1 begins, Vault 13 sends out The Vault Dweller to find a replacement for the Vault 13 Water Chip. Killian Darkwater takes firm control of Junktown, drives out the last of Gizmo's kind, and then enforces his own brand of frontier justice. Life is fair and safe under his law. The Khan's are destroyed in December, leaving only one survivor, that being Darion.

2162 - Vault Dweller's adventure continues. Master's army begins marching across the Wasteland, invades Boneyard, Necropolis, the Hub. Vault Dweller destroys Mariposa Military Base and kills The Master. On May 10th, Fallout 1 ends with the return of the Vault Dweller to Vault 13, which he is summarily turned away from and is forced back out into the wastes (to create Arroyo). Master's army invades the Lost Hills bunker, war between the Brotherhood - Master's army begins. Master's army invades Junktown and Shady Sands.

2163 - Vault 13 gets attacked by the Master's army.

2165 - Vault Dweller founds Arroyo.

2167 - Construction of Arroyo completed.

2185 - Summer: At high noon, super mutant Marcus and Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Jacob cross paths many, many miles southwest of Broken Hills and punch and shoot each other for a few days. Eventually, they give up, laughing, unable to get an advantage over the other. The two start traveling together, arguing over Unity and Brotherhood of Steel doctrine and whether or not the Master could truly neuro link his biology into the Cathedral computer network. Fall: Marcus and Jacob, along with a collection of ghouls, humans, and super mutant followers, found the community of Broken Hills.

2186 - Shady Sands begins it's life as a full-fledged city with Aradesh & Tandi, beginning to expand

2188 - Vault Dweller has a daughter, who becomes village Elder.

2189 - NCR is voted into existence. It begins as a federation of 5 states: Shady Sands, Los Angeles, Maxson, the Hub and Dayglow. The Followers of the Apocalypse rise to become a major influence in New California. Thanks to the Vault Dweller's help, they gain control of the LA Boneyard.

2196 - Tandi is unanimously voted in as President of the NCR after Aradesh passes away. She does an exceptional job and expands the NCR massively across her 109 year life span.

2198 - The Enclave resumes work on various pre-War technologies, including power armor variations. None of these are much of an improvement over the conventional old power armor, and some are actually worse.

2208 - Vault Dweller perishes (finally).

2210 - Vault Dweller's daughter becomes Village Elder.

2215 - Under Presidential Order, Enclave scientists begin to work on an upgraded version of power armor. Many prototypes are developed and tested.

2220 - Enclave scientists develop a reliable version of the Mark II power armor. The prototype results (and accidents... and explosions... and deaths) are classified by order of the new President Richardson for the sake of morale.

2231 - Edward Sallow, the late Caesar, is presumably born and given to the care of the Followers of the Apocalypse in the Boneyard. Boomers settle Nellis AFB.

2241 - The worst dry season in many years causes a drought in the Northern California area, hurting crops and brahmin in both Arroyo and Modoc. The first samples of jet begin to arrive in Redding, courtesy of the Mordino family. Vault City rejects offers of alliances with both the Bishop family of New Reno and NCR. In march, Raider attacks on caravans to Vault City begin. May 15: Fallout 2 intro - The Enclave sends a coded sequence to Vault 13, activating its central computer and declaring that it is time to leave the vault. Martin Frobisher gathers the Vault 13 dwellers together for the "Leaving The Vault" video, a tutorial movie of Vault-Tec about the rules to follow when vault dwellers left their vault. Less than a day later, Vault 13 is opened, only to be greeted by two Enclave verti-assault squads. The squads kill three of the vault dwellers who were "resisting capture" and storm Vault 13, kidnapping all the inhabitants. Enclave animal handlers drop an intelligent deathclaw unit into Vault 13 from a safe distance to kill anyone investigating the vault and cloak the Enclave's presence. Other intelligent deathclaws are sent into the desert surrounding Vault 13 to check for any escapees or witnesses. Fallout 2 begins - The Chosen One begins his mystic test, descending into the Temple of Trials like his mother before him. The Chosen One leaves the failing community of Arroyo in search of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit. The Chosen One happens upon a confrontation between Frank Horrigan and civilians. The civilians resist his demands and are executed.

2242 -  Arroyo is attacked by Enclave soldiers, and the villagers are enslaved and brought to the Oil Rig. The Chosen One enters the Enclave's oil rig using the damaged tanker and destroys the Poseidon oil platform, killing the President of the United States and ending the Enclave's plans for world domination. After the Enclave's destruction, the refugees of Arroyo and Vault 13 resettle, building a new community with the aid of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit. Finding themselves hundreds of miles from their vault, the members of Vault 13 choose to join the villagers in establishing a new community. Their technical expertise, combined with the villagers survival skills, allow the new settlement to grow and prosper. Two generations of the same bloodline are re-united, and their savior, the Chosen One, becomes Elder, presiding over the village in the years to come. The Arroyo elder lives for many years after the destruction of the Enclave. She seems pleased that the ancient separation between Vault 13 and the Vault Dweller has been reconciled, and many are the times she tells the Chosen One she wished the Vault Dweller were alive to have seen the reconciliation take place. Certain that the safety of the new village had been secured and the new community was flourishing, the Elder passes away a few months later in her sleep.

Not long after the destruction of the Enclave, the Bishop family of New Reno is blessed with a child. This child seems to have little in common with the Bishops, preferring instead to spend his days exploring the wastes. When he turns thirteen, he seizes control of the Bishop family and leads them to victory over the remaining New Reno families. He dies quietly in his sleep at the age of seventy-three, never having known his real father. Myron dies less than a year after the defeat of the Enclave, stabbed by a jet addict while drinking in the Den. Several years after buying the excavator chip from the Chosen One, Marge LeBarge is able to purchase and control both the Morningstar and the newly opened Kokoweef mines. Marge is an easy choice for Mayor, and using her new political power, she makes Redding join the growing New California Republic in return for a seat in the NCR's Hall of Congress. With the destruction of the conspiracy to destroy the mutants, Broken Hills begins to thrive. Then the uranium ran out. The city, having lost its sole reason for existing, slowly disperses. The residents carry their riches with them, leaving the place a wind-swept, desolate ghost town. A few hold-outs remain, attempting to eke out a pathetic existence, but eventually, they too disappear. Inspired by the example set by the Chosen One, Marcus eventually travels across the great mountains to the east, searching for other refugees from the Master's army. The Chosen One never hears from him again. The Chosen One's help with Vault 15 launched the New California Republic's push to civilize its neighbors. Though there are many more obstacles to overcome, the NCR now have a foothold into the northern wastes. The Shi flourish, creating a botanical scourge on the radiation surrounding their beloved town. Though this vine cannot grow in other soils, the Shi take care to nourish it in their lands. They continue to grow in strength and prominence, forming the basis of a new empire.

2246 - Sallow and Bill Calhoun, a fellow Follower, are sent east to study tribal dialects, and meet with Mormon missionary Joshua Graham. During the expedition, Sallow discovers a cache of historical books, some of them regarding ancient Rome, including Commentarii by Julius Caesar himself, which fascinates the young man. The NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel ally with each other to eradicate the presence of the Enclave from New California in what will come to be known as the NCR-Enclave War.

2247 - Graham, Calhoun, and Sallow are captured by the Blackfoot tribe for ransom. The young Sallow uses his knowledge to train the tribals in the art of warfare, impressing them enough to become their leader. Sallow assumes the name of ancient Roman emperor Caesar and makes Joshua Graham his right-hand man. He decides to create an empire modeled after the historical Roman Empire, intending to erase the tribals' individual identities and replace them all with a single, monolithic culture - the Legion.

2248 - President Tandi becomes ill and dies at the age of 103. Her vice-president Joanna Tibbett is sworn in as new President of the NCR. Caesar begins his conquest of the tribes of northern Arizona, southwestern Colorado, western New Mexico and southeastern Utah.

2250 - Caesar declares himself the son of Mars, Roman god of war.

2253 - 38 NCR citizens are massacred by Mojave raiders. President Joanna Tibbett is voted out of office by the NCR congress after a "timid" reaction to the massacre, and is replaced by Wendell Peterson. President Peterson dispatches three battalions of NCR infantry into the Mojave Wasteland.

2255 - Caesar establishes the first capital of his Legion in the ruins of Flagstaff, Arizona.

2256 - The child of the Chosen One, aged only thirteen, seizes control of the Bishop family and leads them to victory over the remaining New Reno families.

2258 - Fallout 3 begins; not gonna cover it since it's on the east.

2267 - The Great Khans arrive in the Mojave Wasteland.

2270 - Pacification of the Mojave: NCR forces under General Kimball destroy the tribes in the Bullhead City area under orders of President Peterson. This is the current year.
The first three NCR battalions sent into the Mojave have expanded into two full companies, creating the impromptu Third Battalion. This forms the beginnings of what would become known as the Mojave Army. The NCR is in search of energy, land and to string out the already incredibly high economic boom. NCR currency is the most accepted during this period, and is backed by gold. The Brotherhood is researching HELIOS One under Elder Elijah, intent on finding out the secrets of the plant. Caesar sets his sights on the west, to create his perfect Pax Romana. New Vegas has not yet been founded or discovered, and House has not yet bound the three families together.

All factions are perched and ready for either an incredible war, or a surprising peace.

3 months equates to a single year IC. 1:3 ratio for time. One third of an OOC day is a full IC day. One third an OOC week is a full IC week.
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