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Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Richard Lancaster  Empty Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Richard Lancaster

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FULL NAME: Franklin Richard Lancaster
AGE: 45 Y.O.
DATE OF BIRTH (DoB): June 8th, 2225
PLACE OF BIRTH: Dallas, Texas.

Brotherhood of Steel
- Tin cans. Brotherhood ‘protecting’ technology; quote-en-quote. Yeah, right. More like hoarding it away for yourselves.

Caesar's Legion - The amount of good encounters I’ve had with the Legion has decreased over my life, though I still respect their military strength and simplicity. Things might’ve turned out much differently had I not have found the Republic when I did.

Crimson Caravan - A godsend to both the Republic and the Wasteland; though a cut-throat capitalist institution of the Republic. That isn’t to say I don’t like capitalism; but I must accept that it does create a very… money-focused society. Might create another ‘old world’, if you catch my drift.

Desert Rangers - I’ve met a good amount of these folks. Spoken to a good few. Came close to killing a few on my travels. However, I respect them utmost - as I do the same with Troopers and Ranger’s alike.

Followers of the Apocalypse - Look, I understand just how important science and philosophy is, but.. Really? Republic and FOTA ended up getting into a scientific and educational pissing match, and what was it all really worth? If you ask me, if the Republic worked with the Followers, we might stand a better chance at making a completely functioning society (and perhaps in future wars).

Ghouls - Ghouls; immortal rotting corpses. Sounds like an opening to a pre-war holovid horror movie. Regardless, they’re in a similar hand with Wastelanders.

Great Khans - We’ve had enough problems with this gang in New California; I’ve had enough problems with them throughout my life. The Great Khan’s have absolutely nothing going for them in my eyes.

Gun Runners - Sling ‘em my way and I’m all good. Sling ‘em the other way and I might have some reservations. Careful, boys.

New California Republic - After all that’s happened, the NCR just might be one of the only good things to happen to me in my life. I can’t just turn my back on them; though I’m no patriot. I’ve seen the facts of their past, and it’s something I can come to terms with more than the Legion.

Raiders - Do I even have to explain this? I’d happily put a drug-fiend down; I don’t have pity for Raider’s. Drug-addicts, yes. Drug-fiends, NO.

Chinese - ...The war’s been over for two-hundred years. That’s all that needs to be said.

Super Mutants (First Generation) - Lots of these folks are surprisingly agreeable; I have no problems with communicating with the First Generation of Super Mutants, and I’ve never been attacked by one along my travels, personally.

Super Mutants (Second Generation) - These guys, however, are a whole different story. Second Generation Super Mutants are big, stupid, and stronger than a god-damn Brahmin on Psycho and Buffout.

Tribals - While I’ve met a good amount of respectful, good tribals, I’ve also met just as many bad ones. They’re a mixed bag, though I’ve learned quite a lot over the years about many of their cultures and languages.

Wastelander - While I don’t hate my fellow Wastelanders, I also know that many of them can’t be trusted with much. They’re a mixed bag, though most of them are just trying to do the same thing I did as a young man; survive.
* = Individual Terminated/Missing In Action

Veteran Ranger Eleanor Tanner - Ever get that feeling that life has kicked you in the head and said 'look at what you've got infront of you'? Well, you're my kick in the head, dear.

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((This information is not publicly available.  It reflects Frank’s personal feelings, and may not be obvious by his actions in-game.  That is to say, he might not like you but act like he does.  Ask before trying to use any of this information in-character!))
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