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A slender male figure with a set of USMC combat armor. The man stands at around five foot eight and speaks with a Texan accent, partially muffled by his tan colored helmet. On the collar of his vest are the following: "Staff Sergeant Rodger Monroe, USMC, O Positive". His legs and arms have pieces of metallic armor strapped on with small pieces of leather. Also on the back of his helmet, the state "Louisiana" is written. Underneath of the iconic armor is a tan skinned man in his mid thirties with short brown hair, streaked with a few grey hairs. He has a pair of cloudy blue eyes and an unkempt beard that is fairly long. No distinct marks can be seen upon his face except for a snake like scar that extends down from his right temple to the corner of his mouth. On most days, he is usually seen wearing a pair of light blue jeans and a red checkered flannel shirt but over top of his clothing he wears his kevlar vest, the material sketched with the name, "Monroe".

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