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The New California Republic Ranger’s are the elite, volunteer special forces renowned for their reconnaissance prowess as much as their combat ability and bravery. Known for their humility and honor, they come from humble upbringings. Shady Sands, a small farming community built by Vault Dwellers from Vault 15, whose population was made up of people who would deliberately hate each other (and helped form some of the worst raider gangs, such as the Great Khans.). This small farming community was, in part, built up and jump started using the G.E.C.K issued to the vault. It was the perfect storm for something big to grow.

Founded in 2241 after Aradesh (and later Tandi) created what is now known as the New California Republic by a man named Seth after seeing the courage, bravery and heroics of the Vault Dweller. It quickly became one of the most powerful military forces in the western side of the United States wasteland. Forces inside New California territory were mostly focused on the problems of slavery, and actively fought it with pretty much any means necessary. In the early years of the Republic, they were faced with many large threats, such as slavers, raiders, numerous gangs, mutants and the wasteland itself. The Ranger’s were the instrumental tool in helping protect the frontier and push back the enemies of the Republic, with their expertise tipping the balance in the NCR’s favor.

The NCR Ranger's in this area are members of the 1st Ranger Division, Third Battalion. Ranger's are not classed lower than the battalion, as they often mix in with Trooper companies in combined arms operations, and generally, no Company is fully in the same area at the same time. Ranger's spread out across the frontier by their own semi-autonomous accord, hunting bounties, NCR criminals, tracking enemy commanders, and acting as SOF (Special Operations Forces) for the NCR Troopers, alongside the First Recon in many cases.

Ranger's answer directly to a local Head Ranger, though unofficially most Head Ranger's avoid a complete command-structure in favor of a more laissez-faire individualist system. This Head Ranger then reports directly to the Ranger Chief, currently stationed at Camp Golf. The Chief then reports either directly to the President, or to military brass, depending on situation.

NCR Rangers Roster & Information Ncr-ranger

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