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Name: Cedrica Richard Adalwulf

Eye Color: Orange.

Hair Color: Blonde.

Accent: Germanic (Original).

Body Type: Endomorph, top hourglass. Highly muscular for an Endomorph (and a surprising lack of body-fat, if what few eyewitness accounts I can find are anything to go by.)

Age: 43 (Appearance), 123 years of age. She hasn’t counted in a while.

Race: Human (Pure Blooded Werewolf)

Home province/holding: Erlangen, capital of House Adalwulf.

House Coat of Arms and history:
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House Adalwulf was, at one point, one of the largest feudal holdings north of Falkirk. A constant power-struggle and uneasy peace was held with House Andorias, high in the mountains.

After a dispute over land, a war was declared and House Andorias and House Adalwulf marched to the field of battle. House Adalwulf started the war winning and continued winning in small border-skirmishes along the border territories, taking small slices of provincial land for 33 years. In a show of tactical mastery, House  Andorias sweeped into the army of House Adalwulf while it was moving through a valley in the nearby province of Salzgitter, where the head of House Adalwulf, Lord Chlodovech Richard Adalwulf, struck down Lord Griswold Andorias, father to Freyja Andorias and Freyjin Andorias, while commanding the army. It is unknown how House Adalwulf succeeded in this ambush, as for all intents and purposes, they should have been dead to rights.

House Andorias rolled out the third generation of military commanders, birthed from Lord Griswold Andorias, with the first generation of House Andorias taking a significantly more present stance in the war. This would lead to the border disputes ramping up into a full-scale war, with Freyjin Andorias serving as field commander for troops in the regions of Salzgitter, Bremen, Saarland, and Thuringia, while Freyja Andorias served as field commander in Saxony, Hesse, Bavaria, and Schleswig. (While of fighting age, Lord Chlodovech also chose to keep his daughter at home, rather than on the field of battle.)

This spurred on Freyja into a righteous fury, carving a path through Adalwulf lands, slaughtering all in her way - earning her the nickname, ‘’Váli’’. This nickname was earned in the last siege of the Schleswig territory, where she ordered a hold burned while the retainers inside slept. This would go on to be the most brutal act committed by the Andorias family, and many question if the lengths she went to were spurred on by emotion, or by brutal tactical decision. (I personally believe this was almost surely spurred on by emotion - everything post-war has never been this brutal, even in proceeding wars in the succession crises of House Adalwulf and the creation of multiple duchies in captured House Adalwulf land, and it suggests that she was mourning and in anguish for her father’s death.)

This dispute ended, however, when the war (and the battle that ended in the utter slaughter of House Andoria’s army) .attracted the attention of a third party. Werewolf hunters began marching en-mass from surrounding territories, ending the stalemate in a complete Andorias victory. House Andorias went on to annex 65% of all Adalwulf territory, be it through vassalization or peace treaties. It has been around thirty years since the war ended.

House Adalwulf is now known to have been one of the largest Lycan houses in the history of the Godwing Empire, with the entire ruling family, and a good portion of their army being Lycanthropes. Rumors state that the father, Lord Chlodovech, sailed for the Bosozu lands to the East, where he was killed on his vessel under suspicious circumstances. The mother went north, for the Deepwind mountains, but was never stated as having been seen /anywhere/ in the thirty years since. -Ekkebert.

During the demon invasion, Cedrica’s location is almost completely lost. In fact, she seems to have dropped out of the history books for almost forty years - with only sparse references showing someone fitting her description in what was originally the Amdorias holdings, high in the mountains north of Falkirk. However, after the demon invasion, Cedrica resurfaced in Falkirk - apparently in exile again.

It is unknown as to her current whereabouts, however it is safe to assume that this aged Werewolf is looking for a place to settle down. It’s possible she’s suffering like she was originally; it’s also possible that this contract isn’t even worth chasing anymore. In all actuality, Cedrica Adalwulf hasn’t made herself a threat in over sixty-five years, and has remarkably avoided detection for almost a hundred and twenty years, if my calculations are correct. -Tavia.

Children: Unnamed Daughter (Died at birth).

Spouse: N/A

Voice Sample:

(Do note, singing voice is significantly different than speaking voice. We assume she has a deep voice.)
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