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Post by Kevin on Thu Apr 07, 2016 6:47 pm

The Wolfpack Who5qrW

“The Wolfpack is a family, not a faction. As the name implies, we work together as one to complete our goals. What goals? You might ask. Well, our only goal is survival, just like wolves in the wild. The Combine believe they can hunt us down like dogs but you see, that’s where they are wrong. We are wolves, natural predators; they are the dogs.”

The Wolfpack AIQQkQz

"In every pack, there is an alpha, and there can only be one.

'Lycan' Kevin [A] STEAM_0:0:8836134 GMT-5

The Wolfpack 3R1bn92

"Without the rest of the pack, the alpha is rendered powerless.

James Bryant The Soul Blades [A] STEAM_0:0:18536189 GMT-5

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