Overwatch Transhuman Arm Applications [CLOSED]

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Overwatch Transhuman Arm Applications [CLOSED] Empty Overwatch Transhuman Arm Applications [CLOSED]

Post by Kevin on Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:33 pm

Use the given format below and make a new thread when applying for OTA. Name

[b]1. Steam Name:[/b]

[b]2. Steam ID:[/b]

[b]3. Years of serious RP experience:[/b]

[b]4. Previous Overwatch/Military RP experience:[/b]

[b]5. Previous Unit/Police RP experience:[/b]

[b]6. Explain firearms safety in your own words:[/b]

[b]7. Explain standard Rules of Engagement for the Overwatch Transhuman Arm in the Outlands:[/b]

[b]8. What is the standard Overwatch equipment?:[/b]

[b][u]RP Examples[/u][/b]

[b]9. RP an example of 360 security of a VIP:[/b]

[b]10. RP an example of bounding cover during a firefight:[/b]

[b]11. RP an example of a VIP or detainee involved firefight:[/b]
[b]11a. Write it as though, in the same scenario, the VIP or detainee is injured.[/b]

[b]12. RP an example where your team has been ambushed on your way to extraction:[/b]
[b]12a. Write this scenario as though your entire squad is running low on ammunition and your commanding officer was killed in the field.[/b]

[b]13. RP an example where you are attacking a fortified enemy location with a smaller force:[/b]
[b]13a. Write this scenario as though you are directly working with GPT units on the ground and acting as snipers.[/b]

[b]14. RP an example where you are escorting a rogue GPT officer back to camp:[/b]
[b]14a. Write this example as though you are ambushed by a local resistance cell, and the rogue breaks free. They are obviously equivalent to a unit in skill and strength, but are unarmed except for their combat knife.[/b]

[b]15. RP an example where you are acting as a sniper for GPT ground troops:[/b]
[b]15a. Write this example as though they are being engaged by a hostile sniper. One of their units has already been hit and killed. Assist in extraction of the team by covering them until they can be extracted.[/b]

Please note: There is no minimum or maximum amount of lines for any of these. Note that mistakes are permitted, as such, you are advised to /NOT CHEAT/. Explain everything in your own words, not something on the internet.

Overwatch Transhuman Arm Applications [CLOSED] Joesurmon_130513_1416_59

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